Self Service Kiosks: Convenient, Instant, Simple

For many, when we think of renewing our vehicle registration, it is a dreaded task. Taking time out of our day to visit the office of motor vehicles means waiting in line, sometimes for hours, to complete this routine transaction—but it doesn’t have to be this way. At a self-service DMV kiosk, vehicle registration can be completed in two minutes or less and provide the same, instantaneous results.

My State Kiosk, currently available in 14 states, makes vehicle registration renewal (and more, in some states!) simple and convenient for vehicle owners. Learn why the self-service kiosks are an expedient and secure alternative option for completing your DMV transactions.

Benefits of renewing at a DMV kiosk

  1. Convenient locations and hours, such as supermarkets, AAA, or other retail locations.
  2. Vehicle registration renewals print instantly at the time of transaction. No more waiting for your renewed stickers to come in the mail.
  3. Registration renewal can be completed in 2 minutes or less.
  4. Secure, reliable, and convenient alternative to renewing at the Motor Vehicle Office.
  5. Accessible features such as language options, headphone jack for instructions, and braille.

To find a kiosk near you, visit and select your state.